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A pure, nostalgic, Everquest experience, where YOU are in control of your destiny. In-Era pre-nerf items, spells, tradeskills, with quality of life addons to those aspects! Classic graphics, spell effects, spell icons, and spell gems enhanced by the newer client. Increased out-of-combat health and mana regeneration. Classic items such as Guise of the Deceiver, Manastone, Terror Forged Mask are there for your taking! All of this brought to you by experienced, battle-hardened veteran developers who take pride in offering a unique classic experience.

Classic Items

Items such as, Guise of the Deceiver, Manastone, Lustrous Russet, Terror-Forged Mask, Thex Dagger, Journeyman Boot’s

Classic Zones

Venture into the original zones such as the commonlands, Highpass Hold, Plane of Hate and much much more!

Classic Encounters

Have you ever wanted to brave the depths of Nagafen's lair? How about that dreadful break-in to Plane of Fear? It's all here, at Legacy of Norrath

Connection Information

Here you will find the client and patcher.

Legacy of Norrath Patcher

If you have already downloaded the Legacy of Norrath Client, download this patcher and place it in your client folder, then run as administrator and press PATCH
Download Legacy of Norrath Patcher

Legacy of Norrath Client

You will still need to download the patcher after obtaining the Legacy of Norrath Client
Download the Full Client
Alternatively: Download our files on a ZIP.
Download Legacy of Norrath Files

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Legacy of Norrath Rules and Regulations
The following rules apply to Legacy of Norrath. and all related resources (e.g. forum, discord, etc.). These rules have been put in place to define the foundation for appropriate behavior and fair play. Use of these forums and server constitutes agreement and acceptance of these rules and regulations.

Tribunal Justice System:

The system Legacy of Norrath employs is a Tribunal system.
This means that a random selection of players will be chosen on a Tribunal date if the Game Master team feels action is neeeded. Tribunals will be held Saturday, 7:00pm Eastern and Sunday, 4:00pm Eastern, each week.

This allows UNBIASED judgement to be passed by a tribunal of peers. If there are any reasons to be bias against the accused, the member of the tribunal will be dismissed.


A camp is defined as an area close to, or at the spawn location of a rare named, or an experience saturated area where your group members are located.
If a camp is established, you must be able to sufficiently keep the camp clear, if you cannot keep the camp cleared, you forfeit any chance at Game Master interventions.

A camp is technically a player made object, and with that being said, is generally player driven. Game Masters will only step in if it becomes a zone disruption, and impacts players regarding the following:
1. Progressing their personal character due to exponential experience loss or general disruption.
2. A clear kill steal after the camp claimer was first to engage.

Players are expected to attempt to work issues out with each other before filing a complaint. If you have camp issues with another player, please /log on and take screenshots of the interaction, and this will be handled via Tribunal.

Kill Stealing:
Kill stealing is defined as engaging another player's npc after they have already engaged.
This is not tolerated at Legacy of Norrath. If you have an instance of a clear kill steal, please /log on, and take screenshots of the interaction. This will be handled via Tribunal.

Kill stealing is NOT taking an npc from a camp radius with the intent to kill said npc and progress from the kill.

Third Party Tools & Exploitation: The only permitted tools are those that read and provide information from your local Everquest log files.
The use of all other third party tools & services is expressly forbidden. Any program that provides an advantage or interacts, inspects, or modifies the Everquest client in any way is prohibited. Use of these tools and/or exploitation will result in action being taken via Tribunal.
The only authorized tools follow below:
• Win EQ2
• Brewall Maps

Real Money Trades (RMT):
RMT is expressly forbidden. Offering, requesting, or trading real money, items, or services for in-game accounts, items, or services will result in a ban of all accounts involved. This rule is enforced in full without limitation. This is the only time our staff will produce a FULL ban.

Player Disruption:
Disrupting other players is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:
• Training, or intentionally killing, other players.
• Harassment of players.
• Blocking other players (e.g. blocking doorways).
• Engaging most of the mobs in a non-raid area.

Abuse of another player, or staff, which includes: Harassment, defamation, and the likes, will result in a Tribunal action.

2 Boxing:
2 boxing is permitted on the server in the same way as it was in Classic with the following restrictions:
• Players may not play more than two characters at a time.
• No 3rd party tools may be used to manage or assist the playing of these characters.
• These characters must be played in the same manner as they would have in Classic with multiple Windows and/or screens.
• Any player found "boxing" more than 2 accounts will be limited to 1 account for a set duration as determined by the Tribunal. Repeat offenses may result in suspension(s).